The Voice VPN service enables the subscribers to establish a private network using public network resources. The subscriber's lines connected to different fixed line network switches constitute a Virtual PABX including a number of PABX capabilities such as Private Numbering Plan (PNP), Call Transfer and Call Hold etc. Restrictions on O/G and I/C calls can also be imposed.

ACCESS CODE: 1801-XYZ (XYZ - SCP code)


The Voice VPN on the fixed lines, through IN platform, may be offered in three categories namely within SDCA, within Circle and All India. The charges for such VPN services shall be split in to two parts namely Fixed Plan Charges and Usage charges per minute. The usage charges shall be ON-Net (Within VPN) and OFF-Net (Outside VPN). The OFF-Net charges shall be as per the applicable tariff of BSNL. Following are the VPN tariff in addition to normal rental/plan charges of basic phone DEL in the group.

1. Activation Charge Rs.1000/-
2. Minimum Period of hire One Year
3. Creation/Deletion/Addition/Modification per no. Rs.100
4. Charges for the change of feature (per request) Rs.100
5. VPN and Usage Charges SDCA LDCA Circle All India
(a) Minimum Connections for VPN (PNP) 25 25 25 50
(b) Fixed VPN Charges per month per DEL (In Rs.) 99 149 249 399
(c) ON-Net Charges per minute Nil Nil Nil Nil
(d) OFF-Net Charges outside VPN (Local, STD, ISD, Cellular and WLL (M)) As per the existing tariff from fixed to other networks
6. Discount on the OFF-Net Calls of the group (Only on calls) (On graded basis)-All existing subscriber of C-Dot platform will get this discount only when migrated to new platform.
(a) Below 10000 Nil
(b) 10001 to 25000 2.5 %
(c) 25001 to 50000 5 %
(d) 50001 to 100000 7.5 %
(e) > 100001 10 %
Note: No other Corporate Discount scheme will be applicable on the above charges
7. Any creation/deletion/addition/modification per number Rs.100/-
8. Charges for the change of feature (per request) Rs.100/-
9. Addition/Deletion/Modification of any of the following feature per request per extension
  1. Exception List (List of numbers not allowed for incoming and outgoing calls)
  2. Barring of off-net calls (Barred from making call outside VPN)
  3. Selected off-net destinations (only selected destinations outside VPN is allowed)
  4. Barring/Opening STD, ISD on number within VPN (Normal STD/ISD opening/barring)
  5. Time dependent routing of incoming calls (All incoming call can be routed according to time).
  6. Origin dependent routing of incoming calls (All incoming call can be routed according to their origin).
  7. Multiple Account Code (Allows users of given VPN group to mark their calls according to business so that company receives a bill, which details cost of communication according to company activities and organization)
  8. Dual Invoicing (Allows to bill calls made by VPN extension either on companies corporate account or on personal account
  1. Rs.100/-
  2. Rs.100/-
  3. Rs.100/-
  4. Rs.100/-
  5. Rs.100/-
  6. Rs.100/-
  7. Rs.1000/- per month
  8. Rs.100/- per extension

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This is a service that can be accessed by Pre-paid Mobile telephone subscribers only all over the country on new Intelligent Network platform. The PRM service will facilitate service providers to offer service like forecast, future, share market, job consultation etc. The service provider is allotted a PRM service number (1867-XYZ-ABCD) by the network operator (BSNL) and that number can be accessed from any point in the network. For this service, call charges will be at a higher rate (these charges will be borne by calling users) i.e. premium rate and the revenue earned is shared between service provider (receiver of call) and network provider (BSNL). For the same PRM service number, the subscriber can have a number of destination numbers. Other features are:
  1. This service is available on any existing Pre-paid Mobile telephone.
  2. Any Pre-paid Mobile user in the telephone network can call PRM number.
  3. All charges are paid by the calling user.
  4. Charges from out of station call are as same as existing STD rates in BSNL plus premium rate choice by the service provider (receiver of call).
  5. Minimum period of hire of the service will be one month.
  6. Access Code: 1867-XYZ (XYZ - SCP code).
  7. Total digit for service is 1867-XYZ-ABCD


1. Activation Charge Rs.3000/-
2. Fixed Monthly Charges Equivalent to the monthly rental of an ordinary line applicable to different exchange system capacity.
3. Fixed PRM Charges Per Month Rs.500/-
4. Minimum Hire Period One Month
3. Any modification, addition, and deletion in time dependent routing, origin dependent routing and all such available features Rs.100/- per addition/per deletion
4. Pulse duration (Depending upon the premium service Type)(Applicable on the new IN platform as well) 2, 3, 4, 8, 30, 60 & 90 seconds per unit call
5. Call charges Rs.1.20 per pulse
6. All the other miscellaneous charges including Vanity number As in case of Free Phone, UAN etc.
7. Revenue share on graded basis to customers of Premium Rate Service Monthly billed MCUs to IN subscriber per month
(a) Up to 1 Lakh
(b) 1 to 5 Lakhs
(c) >5 to 10 Lakhs
(d) >10 Lakhs

Revenue Share (In Rs.)

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