Bharat Fibre (FTTH) Tariff

Promotional Offer :
The Competent Authority has decided to offer discount of Rs. 100/- per month for first 6 months, to those existing landline customers (not having Broadband) who opt any BSNL's Bharat Fibre Broadband plan on promotional basis for a period of 90 days w.e.f 06.10.2021

Bharat Fibre FTTH Plans
Plan Name Fixed Monthly Charges (FMC) Bandwidth (Download Speed) FUP Speed Voice Call Free Security Deposit Annual/Bi-Annual/Tri-Annual Payment Option
 Fibre Basic 449 30 Mbps till 3300 GB 2 Mbps 24 Hrs unlimited free calling (Local+STD) on any network within India   Rs. 500/- 12 Months FMC 24 Months FMC 36 Months FMC 13 Months Service 27 Months Service 40 Months Service
 Fibre Basic Plus 599 60 Mbps till 3300 GB 2 Mbps   One Month FMC
 Fibre TB Plan 777 100 Mbps till 1000 GB 5 Mbps   *See Advance Higher Payment Option table below
 Fibre Value Plus 849 100 Mbps till 1500 GB 10 Mbps  
 Super Star-1 779 100 Mbps till 1000 GB 5 Mbps Disney+Hotstar Premium
 Super Star-2 949 150 Mbps till 2000 GB 10 Mbps Disney+Hotstar Premium
 Fibre Premium Plus 1277 200 Mbps till 3300 GB 15 Mbps  
 Fibre Silver 1999 300 Mbps till 4500 GB 25 Mbps  
 Fibre Value 799 100 Mbps till 3300 GB 2 Mbps   12 Months FMC 24 Months FMC 36 Months FMC 13 Months Service 27 Months Service 40 Months Service
Fibre SuperStar Premium-1* 749 100 Mbps till 1000 GB 5 Mbps Free Bundled OTT Subscription :             Sony LIV Premium, Zee5 Premium, VooT Select, YuppTV Live (NCF Channels), YuppTV FDFS, YuppTV Movies, YuppTV Scope (Aggregator Tech Platform)
Fibre SuperStar Premium-2* 949 150 Mbps till 2000 GB 10 Mbps
 Fibre Premium 999 200 Mbps till 3300 GB 2 Mbps Disney+Hotstar Premium
 Fibre Ultra 1499 300 Mbps till 4000 GB 4 Mbps Disney+Hotstar Premium
 Fibre Silver Plus 2499 300 Mbps till 5000 GB 30 Mbps   Promotional Offer for a period of 90 days w.e.f. 14/10/2021
 Fibre Ruby 4499 300 Mbps till 6500 GB 40 Mbps  
 Fibre Golden 5999 300 Mbps till 8000 GB 50 Mbps  
 Fibre Diamond 9999 300 Mbps till 12000 GB 60 Mbps  
Fibre Platinum 16999 300 Mbps till 21000 GB 70 Mbps  

Centrex Facilty on Bharat Fiber (FTTH)
Size of Centrex (Connections) FMC for Centrex per connection (Rs.)
<=10 Rs 50/-
>10 Waived off

FMC (Fixed Monthly Charges) for static IP (on request) across all the DSL/FTTH/BBoWiFi/AirFibre Broadband Plans
Broadband Plans (DSL / FTTH / BBoWiFi / AirFibre) Additional Charges per Annum (in Rs.)
Broadband Plans with FMC Rs. 999/-and above but less than Rs.1500/ One Static IP@Rs.2000/
Broadband Plans with FMC Rs.1500/-and above but less than Rs.2799/- One Static IP@Rs.1800/
Broadband Plans with FMC Rs. 2799/-and above One Free Static IP , One additional static IP @ Rs. 1500/p.a. shall be offered to all the Broadband customers, where one static IP is already available.
  • Above charges for static IP shall also be applicable for all the existing as well as new customers of AirFibre / BBoWiFi customers.
  • Above charges are non-refundable if customer opts out from eligible Broadband plan FMC (Fixed Monthly Charges) as per above matrix. However, the remaining amount of above charges shall be adjusted against the Static IP charges as per new plan feature only if plan qualifies the eligibility.

Add-on Packs - OTT Services to DSL/FTTH/AirFibre/BBoWiFi Broadband Customers
Add-on Packs Content offering
@ Rs.129/- per month per customer VOOT Select, SonyLIV Premium, Zee5 Premium – All access pack, YuppTV Live (NCF Channels), YuppTV Movies, YuppTV Scope (Aggregator Tech Platform), Support, Marketing

S. No. Facility under Bharat Fiber service Installation Charges (in Rs.) * waived off w.e.f. 05-08-2021 on promotional basis for a period of 90 days Installation Charges under annual/Higher Payment option (in Rs.)
1 NPC with only Broadband service 500/- NIL
2 NPC with only Voice service 500/- NIL
3 NPC with Combo plan having voice and broadband 500/- NIL
4 Provisioning of Broadband service over the existing voice service 250/- NIL
5 Provisioning of Voice service over the existing Broadband service NIL NA
* If ONT/Modem is taken on rent from BSNL or ONT/Modem is purchased by the customer from outside and installation by BSNL.

No separate installation charge for the ONT installation shall be levied over & above the service level installation charges as mentioned above per connection under Bharat Fiber category.

ONT Security Deposit (Rs.)* 500
ONT Charges per month (Rs.)[When taken on rent] WiFi ONT : Rs. 150/- and Non-WiFi ONT* : Rs. 90/-
FTTH BB customers can use their own purchased ONT from market, subject to interoperability with BSNL OLT -
*Rs. 110/-shall be levied as additional charges to make the Non-WiFi ONT as WiFi.

Advance Higher Payment option and Duration of Service across DSL / Bharat Fiber/ BroadBand & LandLine
Sr. No. Fixed Monthly Charges (FMC)
payable in advance across all the plans
Duration of Service
1 5.5 Months FMC 6 Months
2 10.5 Months FMC 12 Months
3 20.5 Months FMC 24 Months
4 30.5 Month FMC 36 Months

Special Discount scheme for Central Govt. / State Govt./ PSU employees
Discount will be 10% for the serving and retired Central Government/State Government/PSU Employees under Landline, ADSL Broadband and Bharat Fiber services.