1. The following conditions are prescribed for the provision of centrex facility:
  • The individual subscribers seeking centrex facility may not belong to the same group or organization.
  • The registration amount, initial deposit, monthly rentral, installation charges, etc for Dels under centrex shall be same as normal Del.
  • The monthly plan charges shall be levied on each Dels covered under Centrex as under:

(A) Centrex facility to CIC's/ Corporate customers/ Multistory complex /Housing Societies

Particular Fixed monthly charges (Rental & Plan Charges)
Upto Rs 200 > Rs 200<=Rs 500 >Rs 500
Size of Centrex group Centrex Charges per DEL /month (in Rs)
5-15 75 60 0
16-50 60 40 0
51-100 40 25 0
> 100 0 0 0

Note :

  • The above Centrex charges will not be levied fro CIC/Corporate customer whose annual revenue is more than Rs. 4 lakhs with combined billing wherever technically feasible.

(B) Rent free incoming connections: In addition to above, rent free connection for corporate customers, housing societies, multistory complex etc shall also be provided for the use of incoming calls and making calls to other centrex members subject to fulfillment of following conditions :

Size of the Centrex Group Rent Free incoming connection
15-25 01
26-50 02
51-100 03
  • The security deposit, fixed monthly charges, installation charges, free calls etc shall be same as applicable to normal DEL.
  • All intra centrex calls shall be free.
  • The free monthly call shall be allowed on the DELs covered under the centrex.
  • There is no upper limit on the number of members in the centrex group.
  • The Dels belonging to public services like, call centers, enquiry numbers, ISP Dial in numbers, paging service numbers, PCO holders shall not be part of the Centrex group.

(C) Centrex facility to trade related group, which are identified/authorised by respective associations like medicine,Hardware,Sanitary,Doctors,Lawyers and General Store etc.

Size of the Centrex Group Monthly plan charges for Intra circle   
(in Rs.)
Monthly plan charges for Inter circle
(in Rs.)
Monthly plan charges for SDCA
(in Rs.)
Less than 25
75 150 50
More than 25
90 180 60

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