This service is an ideal business promotion tool for business communities who want their customer to call them free of cost. Totally customer oriented organizations can provide information about their products, allow customers to place orders or even register their complaints/suggestions and offer assistance to customers without the user getting charges. Other features are:
  1. This service can be taken on any existing telephone line without requiring any additional line.
  2. Any user of BSNL telephone network can call FPH/TLF number free of charge.
  3. All charges are to pay by the FPH/TLF holder (who has taken this service & receive the call).
  4. The service subscriber is allotted a FPH service number (Eleven digits). For same FPH service number, the subscriber can have many destination numbers.
  5. Any subscriber who is willing to become a free phone subscriber outside the cities where the IN switches are installed, the call charges will be as per the national STD tariff.
  6. The charges indicated here are FPH service charges and they do not include the normal charges levied for basic telephony service.
  7. Billing for the same is separately issued to subscriber on monthly basis, which does not include landline rent & charges on which the TLF/FPH services is taken.
  8. Access Code is 1800233 (For new IN platform).
  9. Total digit for service is 1800-233-ABCD (For new IN platform)
  10. Vanity numbers are available for selection of ABCD on charge basis.


1. Processing charge for service (Non refundable) Rs.3000/-
2. Security deposit (Refundable) (To be reviewed every 6 months) Initially Rs.10,000/- & to be updated to 2 months average billing
3. Fixed Monthly Charges for service Rs.1000/- per month
4. Call Charges From Basic/WLL
Local (Within same SDCA) Rs.1.20/120 sec
Intra Circle (Within same circle) Rs.1.20/60 sec
Inter Circle Rs.1.20/60 sec
Within LSA Rs.1.20/60 sec
Outside LSA Rs.1.60/60 sec
National Roaming Rs.1.60/60 sec
5. Discount To Free Phone subscriber Monthly Bill Discount
(Note: The discount is on non-graded basis) Upto 10000 Nil
10001 to 50000 10 %
50001 to 250000 15 %
250001 to 500000 20 %
> 500000 25 %
6. IN Number New IN platform
7. Charges for any modification in service on request from subscriber Rs.100/- per modification
8. Detail billing soft copy (on demand by Sub.) (Per month) Rs.100/-
9. Vanity Numbers Charges One Time Monthly Payment
Super Premium (Category A) Rs.10000/- Rs.1000/-
Premium (Category B) Rs.7500/- Rs.750/-
Prime (Category C) Rs.5000/- Rs.500/-

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