Wings Closed Used Group (IP Centrex) :

Particular Intra SDCA Intra Circle All India/Inter Circle IP Centrex
Group BSNL Landline BSNL LL + BSNL Mobile BSNL LL + BSNL Mobile
Security Deposit Nil Nil Nil
FMC Nil Nil Nil
Call charges within same group Nil Nil Nil
Feature & other terms & conditions to continue as per existing regular tariff

Note :-

  • Master number can be any BSNL landline of NGN, EWSD or 5ESS ( at present CDOT,OCB and AXE exchange are not supporting this feature as master billing and as part of group).
  • IP Centrex group may have 10000 members in a group. For creation of IP Centrex group for more than 10000 NCNGN Circle may be contacted through EB Cell/Circle.
  • Intra SDCA is applicable to landline number only as part of group. (Useful for apartment, group housing society, colony etc.)
  • Call made by full number dialing instead of short dialing will be charges as per existing landline or mobile plan.
  • GSM mobile customers can make Centrex calling as Access code 1286(1261-Old Code) + Short code.
  • For GSM Mobile customers while roaming no additional charge for Centrex calling if possible.
  • Sulabh connection can be part of group (on request) but cannot be master of the IP Centrex group.
  • Billing/deduction of rental is to be from respective prepaid and postpaid account of individual group number but in case of default billing to be borne by master number.
  • It will be responsibility of applicant to ensure group numbers provided their consent to be part of IP Centrex Group.

IP CENTREX FACILITY (Post Paid Scenario) :

No. of Customers in Group Monthly Plan Charges Intra Circle(in Rs.) Monthly Plan Charges Inter Circle(in Rs.)
Less than 25 75 150
Equal to or More than 25 90 180

Wings Follow Me (Fixed Mobile Convergence) :

No. of members in a Group Monthly Rental (Intra Circle) (In Rs.)
Up to 9 Nil
Feature & other terms & conditions to continue as per existing regular tariff

Note :-

  • The master billing number must be NGN IMS number. Billing will be done on this master number only.
  • As part of this service customer can register up to 9 other BSNL numbers (combination of GSM+IMS PSTN only) including IMS master landline.
  • This service is applicable for BSNL customer only.
  • FMC works in within same circle only.
  • FMC is not available while roaming.
  • No separate security deposit is required for this service.
  • It will be responsibility of applicant to ensure FMC group numbers provided are either of his/her own or friends/family after consent from them.

Wings Video Conference (Multimedia Video Conference) :

Particular Audio Conference Video /Data /Video + Data + Audio Conference
Security Deposit Nil Nil
FMC Nil Nil
No. of participants Session length charges in (Rs.) Session length charges in (Rs.)
2-10 Rs. 1/- Minute Rs. 1/- Minute
11-30 Rs. 3/- Minute Rs. 3/- Minute
31-60 Rs. 5/- Minute Not Applicable
Call charges for joining conference Nil, w.r.t. BSNL network through access code 12502
Any other charges(i.e. resheduling,cancellation,recording,SMS etc) Nil

Bill Discounts:-

  • No Discount up to Rs. 5000/-
  • 5% between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 9999/-
  • 10% between Rs. 10000 to Rs. 19999/-
  • 20%> Rs. 20000/- and above.

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