Modem Security

How to secure your modem against misuse

  • ADSL modems are supplied with default user ID and password of admin & admin respectively. Thus the customers are advised to change the default login & password with a strong one, to avoid unauthorized access to modem. The process of changing the password is contained in the user manual / CD supplied along with modem at the time of installation. In case of any difficulty BSNL officials may be contacted for assistance.
  • Customers are advised to upgrade / download the latest firmware & software of their modem by visiting the site of the manufacture's website or from BSNL website in case of modem supplied by BSNL.
  • There is a reset button in every modem. Whenever it is operated, all configuration settings of ADSL Modem are reset to default factory settings, resulting the resetting of modem login & password to default admin and admin respectively. Thus customers are advised to change the default password to earlier password or any other new password.
  • Customers are advised to switch off their modem, when not in use.
  • Customers are advised to check his daily usage online and if any unexpected high usage of data is noticed, then the same may be informed to BSNL officials.

Steps to be taken to prevent malware attacks on ADSL modem

To combat with this problem the following steps need to be taken at ADSL modem :-

  • Hard reset the modem by pressing the reset button at back side of modem for 12-15 sec.
  • Access the modem by URL and default user id: admin and password: admin.
  • Reconfigure modem with BB user id & password including WiFi (with password).
  • Click on "Access Management" and activate "ACL" (at LAN) for SYRMA and Supernet modem and "CWMP" for Teracom modem.
  • Save and restart the modem.

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