Ex-employees who are availing BSNLMRS facility are hereby requested to revalidate their BSNLMRS card within 30/06/2023.No extension of date will be provided. -BSNL Admin

Welcome to Aarogya - BSNL Kolkata TD Retired Employees Medical Claims Self Service Portal.

This is an effort by BSNL Kolkata TD to leverage Information Technology in the service of our retired employees in order to encourage a transparent flow of information between all stakeholders. Aarogya is an interactive portal where our retired employees can share details about claims submitted by them and, in turn, track the status of submitted claims.

Please bear in mind that the actual process of claim submission and processing will remain unchanged . All claim papers, including original invoices, etc. will have to be submitted to respective claim offices, as usual, for approval and payment through SAP.

The primary purpose of Aarogya is to enable an open and transparent tracking of claims by all stakeholders for achieving efficiency in claim disposal.

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