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Press Release
Attention of Government has been drawn to certain reports in a section of the media which convey the impression that BSNL may be closed down. However, this is not true. At present there is no proposal under consideration with the Government for closure of BSNL. On the contrary, Department of Telecommunications, Government of India (DOT) recognises and values the inherent strengths of BSNL as a telecom services provider with huge infrastructure and reach, especially in rural areas. Further, DOT is in the process of finalising a proposal for revival of BSNL to be considered by the Digital Communications Commission (DDC) very soon.
   It appears that the news reports in question have unnecessarily tried to focus on closure as one of the options for revival of any PSU which is not in consonance with the current thinking of DOT.

   It is clarified and reiterated that DOT would like to see a robust BSNL, duly strengthened and financially viable, dedicated to serving the nation and playing an important role in the telecom sector.

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