Web conferencing service

What is Web conferencing?

Today, Web conferencing means "live" or "synchronous" real-time, online conference, using audio, video, and Data / typed messages across the World Wide Web, by two or more logged in users from different systems/locations.

How is it different from conventional Video conferencing systems?

Conventional Video conferencing systems involve the exchange of video and audio among participants using proprietary hardwares, TV screens, ISDN lines, at specially createdœstudio? type of environment, while web conferencing is usually done from desktops, with inexpensive webcams using web servers over internet. It offers much more features like power point presentation, document & white board sharing etc.

What are the unique features and functionalities offered by BSNL Web Conferencing Service?

BSNL Web Conferencing offers many firsts to the subscribers. It is the first commercially launched web conferencing service by any telecom operator in India. Multi point Video Conferencing. Data Conferencing through Power point presentation, White board & document sharing and chat. Storage of Data in virtual meeting rooms: - for use by authorized participants, before, during & after a conference. Recording & retrieval of a conferencing session™s audio and video transcripts. Password protected, user created secured meeting rooms Always available (i.e., persistent) that facilitates instantaneous setting up of conference, simulates physical room convenience. The Primary speaker selection ensures good quality multipoint conferencing on a single duplex data connection, by managing bandwidth. These features significantly enhance the quality and thus the effectiveness of your business meetings.

Do I need Video-Conferencing specific hardware?

Unlike conventional video conferencing systems, you do not require any proprietary/specific hardware apart from your PC and a webcam.

What are recommended specifications of hardware at Customer Premises?
  • PC with Pentium IV or Celeron or any equivalent or higher processor
  • Standard Webcam ( 300k Pixels or higher)
  • Headset with microphone
  • Windows 2000 or XP operating system
  • Web Conferencing Software (Click here to download)
  • ADSL 2+ Connection.
How do I subscribe for the Web conferencing services?

You can become a subscriber by following the steps given below:

Register online to be a subscriber for this service. Do it NOW! and enjoy 30 days free usage!!!

Step 1 : Click on the “Register Now? or “Application Form? link found on the BSNL or CEPL website. Or click here (this is linked to )

Step 2 : Complete the online application form and press “Submit?.

Step 3 : (Important) Save webmail@cepl.in in your email addresses folder or contacts folder. to avoid spam filters blocking your activation email.

You will receive an e-mail (Mail is sent to the E-mail id entered by you in the application form), requesting you to activate your account online.

Step 4: Create your own User ID and password following the instructions contained in the email. Congratulations! You are now a subscriber of BSNL Web Conferencing Service.

How Do I start conferencing using BSNL Web Conferencing Service?
Once you have obtained your user name and password, you can follow the steps given below to get started (More help is available in User guide)

Begin Conferencing by following the steps given below!!
  • Connect headset with microphone and install the webcam in your PC.
  • nsure the availability of 256kbps broadband internet connectivity (minimum) from BSNL.
  • Download Web Conferencing client software from http://bsnl.cepl.in/downloads.asp
  • Save the set up file on your PC & Double click the setup file to begin the installation.
  • Follow the instructions as displayed on the screen to finish installing the software. The A3connect icon will appear on your desktop.
  • Double click on the A3connect icon.
  • Enter your User Name, Password and Server name (as provided by BSNL) and click OK.
  • The registration succeeded message will appear on the screen. Click OK.
  • On the top right side under room management, create your room by clicking Create Room button.
  • A screen will appear asking for the Room Name and Pass Code. Enter your Room Name and Pass Code and click OK (The room name and pass code can be devised by the person creating of the room. This room name and pass code need to be circulated to rest of the participants by the creator).
  • Select the room created and click on Join Room button.
  • Enter your pass code and click OK.
  • Two screens will pop up, one will be your local video and the other will be the broadcaster™s video screen. (Local video: your own image, Broadcaster Video: The image of the person conducting the Audio/Video conferencing).

How do I schedule a conference?

The persistent room feature allows you to conduct your meetings with your associates/partners instantaneously. All you need to do is advise other participants to join in a designated room at a specified time. You need to give them access code of the room in case it is a new room or any participant is joining in the said room for the first time. For example in your company, you have created a room for holding EMT meetings and all EMT members have been given the access code of this room, the organizer of the meeting just needs to advise other participants (through phone, or email or SMS) to meet inœEMT? at the specified time. All participants will join the room at the specified time and join the conference.

How to use various functionalities?

Please refer to the detailed subscriber manual. Click here to download

How to exit from the conferencing system?

To terminate a video conferencing session, click on theœLeave Room? button .To exit from the Web Conferencing software, click on theœLogout? icon on the icon bar and chooseœ Exit?.

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