What does VVOBB stand for?

VVOBB stands for "Voice and Video over Broadband"

Whether I should be existing BSNL customer for applying for VVOBB Phone?

Any BSNL landline subscriber having a Broadband connection can apply for VVOBB phone. If broadband facility is not available, you can apply for Broadband as well as VVOBB.

How can I apply for a VVOBB Phone?

You can apply through nearest BSNL Customer Service Centre or you can submit your request on our call centre by dialing 1504 or 18002330999. Our agent will visit your premises for collecting your application form.

How does VVOBB Phone work?

With VVOBB phone, phone calls are converted to digital data which uses part of bandwidth that comes with your BSNL broadband connection. BSNL VVOBB uses ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ (VoIP) technology and it’s just a great new way to make and receive phone calls using your broadband connection instead of your standard phone line. BSNL converts your phone calls into data that zips through your high?speed broadband connection just like e-mail. It comes out the other end just like a regular phone call. Your callers are unlikely to know that it’s any different since it sounds just like a regular phone call. With BSNL VVOBB service, you can have additional ‘ virtual’ phone line without having to pay for new telephone connection in your premises and enjoy the video calling.

What all I need for using BSNL VVOBB Services?

To use the BSNL VVOBB services, you need to subscribe to BSNL Broadband along with a landline.

What are the equipment options available for BSNL VVOBB Services?

To get to know about the equipment options available for BSNL VVOBB Service, please contact 1504 or Toll-free number 18002330999 or visit our website http:// www.bsnl.co.in.

Does BSNL VVOBB phone really work like a regular line?

Yes, you just plug your phone with the broadband modem and make your calls with or without video subject to your CPE support. (BSNL VVOBB to international PSTN/Mobile calls and BSNL VVOBB to BSNL VVOBB calls). There is no need to use a headset or install additional software. However, you will not be able to make/receive calls to/from any normal PSTN/Mobile phone within the country at present.

What are the costs of various Video/IP phone?

To get to know about the costs of various Video/IP phones, please contact 1504 or Toll-free number 1800?233?0999 or visit our website http:// www.bsnl.co.in.

Why would I be interested? Why should I subscribe for BSNL VVOBB?

To avail Video and Voice simultaneously at very reasonable cost. BSNL VVOBB service provides you better video and voice quality with utilization of minimum bandwidth on very effective cost.

Is BSNL VVOBB more economical service compared to other services?

Yes, BSNL VVOBB services are more economical compared to that offered by other service providers in terms of broadband bandwidth utilization and quality of services.

What additional features come with BSNL VVOBB Service?

BSNL VVOBB service supports the features like Abbreviation Dial, Call Forward, Call Hold and retrieve Call Join, Music on hold, Automatic call back, Calling Line Identification (CLID), IP Centrex and Immediate divert to video/Voice mail.

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