Audio Conferencing Services

How to subscriber for the Audio Conferencing Service?
Any existing subscriber of the BSNL can subscribe for the service. For registration he can follow the following approach:
  • Download the Audio Conferencing Application Form from the site under Services -> Audio Conferencing -> Application Form and submit the filled up form at the Registration counter of any of the Customer Service Center of BSNL.
  • Approach the nearest Customer Service Center of the BSNL and submit the filled up Audio Conferencing Application Form at the Registration counter.

Once approved, the User ID and Password to use the service will be delivered at your Billing address.

What all is offered by the Audio Conferencing Service?

Using the Audio Conferencing Service the subscriber can have Audio conference with participants on PSTN and ISDN. The conference can have both Dial-in and Dial-out type of participants.

How to schedule a Audio conference?

Once registered, log-in to the and go to the link Services -> Audio Conferencing -> Use Now. This will redirect you to the Audio Conferencing Portal. Enter the User ID and Password and click on the go button to login to the system and use the services. After this following instruction may be followed:

  • Go to Additional user link. This link is to create the participants list. Fill in the form. The password has to be numeric only. Enter the submit menu
  • Press Audio conference? command
  • o to schedule conference? menu
  • Give a name to the conference
  • Enter the number of maximum participants
  • Select conference type which can be one time?, standing? etc.
  • Select security type which can be Pin required?, No Pin? etc.
  • If one time? conference has been selected, enter Start date, Start time, Duration. However these entries will not be asked if standing conference? is selected.
  • Enter the codes for participant, chairperson and
  • Presenter(the codes should be numeric only)
  • Press invite users? command and fill in at the required places. At least one person has to be both chair? and dial out?.
  • Press Update all? command
  • Press Return to Conference Reservation? command
  • Press set options? command for additional features of the conference. Disable Name Recording? and End on Chair Hangup?. Enable Dial out?.
  • After setting the options, press close? command.
  • Press Schedule? command
  • Go to Back to main? menu
  • Press audio conference? command
  • Go to search conference? menu
  • Make the conference name box blank by removing enter name?
  • Press search? command
  • Select the conference to be scheduled
  • Press schedule? command
  • Go to Manage Conferences? menu
  • Select the required conference
  • Press Activate? command
  • Press Close? command
  • Go to Back to main? menu
  • Press Log out? command.


What is a standing conference?

The standing conference is always on. Any participant can enter into a conference any time by first dialing the bridge number(0124-2845600 ) and then the participant/chairperson™s code.

How to schedule a conference or make a on demand through IVR?

Scheduling/On demand through IVR
l To avail this facility, dial 0124- 2845600
l Enter the chairperson™s id.
l Following instructions may be followed

  • Dial #3
  • special tone will be heard
  • Dial the number of called party
  • Dial #5 to add the dialed party to the conference
  • Dial #4 to hang up the dialed party

To add additional participants, repeat (a) to (e).

Give examples of making a conference.

Case I

Subscriber A,B,C,D,E want to talk to each other through a audio conference. A is the chairperson. B and C are not in the user list.

  • A schedules a standing conference through the web and informs the participant code to D, and F.A also activates the conference through the web.
  • now dials 0124-2845600
  • He enters the chairperson tms code
  • He presses#3 and then dials the number of B
  • He presses #5 to bring B into the conference
  • He presses #3 and then dials the number of C
  • He presses #5 to bring into the conference
  • Now A,B and C are part of a conference and each one can talk and listen to each other
  • D now dials 0124-2845600
  • D enters the participant code
  • D is now part of the conference along with A,B &C
  • E now dials 0124-2845600
  • E enters the participant code
  • E is now part of the conference along with A,B,C and D
How to view Monthly Bill?

The subscriber can click on the Monthly Bill link to view his bill. Specify the required input parameters like month and year and click on the View button to get the details. Options are also available to print and save the bill. Click back link to go back to the main page.

How to exit from the system?

For properly exiting the system click Logout link under Logout section to come out of your login zone.

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