Tariff for Bulk Push SMS Service

Tariff of Retail Bulk Push SMS and Bulk Push SMS
S.No. Number of Push SMS per month Minimum Flat charges payable(in Rs./month) Transactional /Promotional SMS Charges (in paisa per SMS)
SMS from BSNL to BSNL customers SMS from BSNL to other telecom service provider's customers
1 Less than and equal to 5 Lakh Rs.10,000/-per month 15 paisa per SMS 18 paisa per SMS
2 More than 5 Lakh and Less than 12 Lakh Rs.50,000/-per month 14 paisa per SMS 17 paisa per SMS
3 12 Lakh to < 50 Lakh Rs. 1 Lakh per month 13 paisa per SMS 16 paisa per SMS
4 50 Lakh to < 100 Lakh Rs. 1 Lakh per month 12 paisa per SMS 15 paisa per SMS
5 100 Lakh to < 200 Lakh Rs. 1 Lakh per month 11 paisa per SMS 14 paisa per SMS
6 200 Lakh to < 500 Lakh Rs. 1 Lakh per month 10 paisa per SMS 13 paisa per SMS
7 500 Lakh and above Rs.1 Lakh per month 9 paisa per SMS 12 paisa per SMS
  • Bulk Push SMS Providers would have to choose any one of the options mentioned below:

    Rates which are already approved for bulk push SMS on submission basis.
    1.3 times of existing bulk push SMS rates will be applied on successful delivery basis.
  • Bulk push SMS Tariff will be applicable to M-Governance projects also
  • The transactions SMS send by/for Government Agencies are restricted to On-net transacational SMS only and no Off-net transacational SMS is allowed.The rebate of 5p/SMS on transacational SMS send by/for Government Agencies are applicable on On-net SMS